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Since 1990 the professionals at the ZQuencer™ Start-up Conservatory™ have been helping launch businesses in all industries all over the world. Working closely with conservatory members, as a business conservatory, a group of professionals from each of the key disciplines relevant to all internet or technology start-up companies trains entrepreneurs in a group format to help take businesses from concept to launch and beyond. Space is limited to 8 businesses per session. Zquencer carefully chooses the most appropriate candidates from all applicants to participate in the program and has created a unique mutual best interest arrangement between the participants as they are taken through each of the 5 primary business considerations in monthly group meetings and ample opportunity for one to one guidance from your personal professional adviser:

Sessions Cover

  1. Concept
  2. Legal – Initial & Advanced
  3. Financial – Initial & Advanced
  4. Technology
  5. Marketing
  6. Venture and Other Funding
  7. Launch and Operations

The zQuencer Conservatory is more than a training ground. The conservatory is where a group of exceptionally talented, experienced, successful, proven, gritty and battle tested entrepreneurs, give their time and guidance to a select group of energetic entrepreneurs seeking honest, direct, critical and constructive advice in 7 key market areas over an intensive period of 6 months each session.

zQuencer candidates come from many industries and geographic locations. It is required that they have raised at least one outside investor, have a prepared business plan and pitch deck. Candidates must have a strong work ethic and a willingness to succeed.

The Cost to participate is intended purely to cover the costs of the program. Participants have full access to current zQuencer professionals and all program materials. In addition, all conservatory participants have access to a listing of all conservatory professionals. Of course you are free to choose professionals from outside the program as well.

ZQuencer™ Start-up Conservatory™
Start-up Accelerator and Business Advisor