Professional Team

ZQuencer’s professional team members are of the highest caliber in their respective fields. They not only have the requisite level of knowledge in their field but they have the real world experience to go along with it.

ZQuencer Startup Conservatory members are exposed to numerous professionals during their semester. They are, at all times, however, free to use any professional they wish. However, we select our professionals based upon their true level of seasoning necessary to truly properly and efficiently impart the appropriate level of experience necessary to conservatory members to allow them to be successful.

ZQuencer Start-up Conservatory professionals are not paid for their services. They are typically hired by approximately 80% of Conservatory Members. There is a flat fee to the Conservatory paid by the professional for each semester that they are a Conservatory Professional.

The application period for Conservatory professionals is November 1 for the Winter session and May 1 for the Summer session.